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It was at a very young age that Alvine discovered her hobby: a doll, needles, fabrics, a few pieces of string, and voila! she crowns herself Queen of the Barbie catwalks.
Very quickly, all of this became a real passion for her. She arouses the admiration of her friends from high school first, then college by making her own clothes.

I weave my vision of a fashion without borders for a free woman, very attentive to the challenges of her time as well as of the future. A true cosmopolitan warrior who is both fragile and strong, determined and sensitive. A chic fighter who knows how to fall and rise up like a phenix. This is the real elegance that radiates from the inside and is sublimated in my dresses, jackets, kabas, knitwears and accessories.

Modello: Carlotta & Mija

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